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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hope everything is going to be alright

Yup..still got a lot of pending work in the office due to a lot of commitments..Really sorry laa, I'm not a superwoman. I know I have to change, but yeah I'm trying. For sure, my sifu will mad at me coz I have a lot of undone task. I'm actually starting to love the job, but deep down in my heart, I'm hating the job. I'm actually trying to be strict/garang with my staff, but then, they're my friend, so, I'm actually afraid to be mad at them. My mistake. I'm trying to jaga hati a lot of people. The problem is, when i tried so hard to jaga hati orang, I'm the 1 yang akan kena marah. I cannot blame them, coz it's actually my mistake. Seriously, I'm afraid if that will affect my confirmation. Who wants to hire a coward right? I'm not saying I'm a coward, but it's just bcoz of friendship. I won't do the same mistake again. Telampau baik, sampai sendiri yang kena.


maslight said...

Be stern at work. Kawan pun kawan jua. But you gotta watch your own back XD *hugs

QueeN BaNDitz said...

babe, sabar aja la..Kasi limpas confirmation dlu. U gain experiences 1st..If that's supposed to be ur job, then u hv to finished it..klu ada yg due pasal ur other friends yg delay,kasi samping dlu. U focus on ur own task 1st..em...mau minta tlg ka? sa buat keja dari umah la..i'll help u.kekeke