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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ada Ka..

I was wondering, do u/we have to report everything about u/we to the BF/GF? Well, married people were different, coz they're already 'attached', i mean CONFIRM. But, it's kinda weird when one of my friends(ok sorry ya, i mean no harm, just an example), her gf always checked his phone, maybe for a pre-caution lah kan. And then, called the girl who smsed him. Hurm. Sa pernah kena gitu. soal Jan risau, I don't want ur bf.

Another one ~ example kio, the bf went out with his friends. Then the gf marah and asked the bf to spend more time with her, asked him to change. Gosh! No offense ah. Kalau jarang jumpa nda pa la kan, faham juga. But if everyday? Mati la juga. I'm not saying that it's wrong, but u have to know the limit la kan. If he said he wants to go out with his friends, i think there's nothing wrong with it. Takan la itu pun mau marah, demand lagi. Bagi sa, itu dari kau saja. Kalau rasa mau unfaithful, apa boleh buat(tapi janganlah kan, be faithful la). But there're certain things that u need to control la, jan juga hari2 keluar sama kawan, nanti gf/bf merajuk. Nah susah kau. Haha!

Nobody's perfect la kan, I was like that before. But I learn a lot along my relationship with the bf. Things to do and not to do, things to control and not to control, things to avoid, things to tell and not to tell. Like, everything. But it doesn't mean I have to tell everything to him. Maybe u'll say, no secrets between us, but everyone does have a secret. Lets keep the secret. diam

All that u need is trust, as what my boss reminds us always.
Yes, TRUST. I Love U. So, trust me coz I trust in u love

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