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Monday, January 4, 2010

I REALLY Need Your Advice. HELP ME

It's already past 3a.m and I'm still awake. Gosh! I just couldn't sleep. I have been thinking since last week. I give up. Seriously, I can't take it anymore. I'm quiting. Guys, I need ur advice. Anything.
Blank sudah otak saya ni. I think, this job doesn't suit me at all. I know everyone does stressed out thinking about/doing their job. Not because of the payment. But the pressure. I'm a hot tempered person(confession?), so, being the customer care officer was a big mistake! Sometimes, I just feel like kicking the customer ass, I mean the rude one. Shouting for nothing! Loads of work. Moreover, I'm away from family. Only God knows how I feel when people look down on me, when they underestimate me like I'm nothing, when I'm alone, when I want to take leave but I can't (coz there's still lots of pending works), when I don't have my weekends(I'm working, like 24/7), when I was blame for others mistake. It's hurting me physically and emotionally.
I've been working with them since Aug 2009, almost 5months. Next month will be my last probation month, yeah 6months. But I'm giving up. There's a lot of chaos happened for the past few months. I don't want to be the 'kambing hitam' or whatsoever related with it.

But, I'm afraid the parents will get hurt because of my stupid(nope) decision. I'm afraid if my decision will make them feel embarrass for having such a stupid child. And yeah, I don't know how to face them all. I'm 100%~ly sure that they'll feel disappointed with me. Who doesn't, right? I know, everyone wants my position. Take IT, I don't want it anymore. Let see how u survive when u start doing the job with '0' knowledge. When u don't have the basic. When u are the newbie. Maybe if I start from basis, it'll be ok. But nope. Pity me, huh?

I wanted to thank the boss for treating me good, like I'm her lil'sis. And some of my colleague who helped me a lot. Going to meet him in person today, for an advice.

Guys..Should I resign or shouldn't I? I need ur advice.



maslight said...

I just think that a person shouldn't do wut they dun like. I think working at where you work now takes a lot of patience. Wutever your decision is, I hope it's the right one. All the best ;)

DierdreTheseira said...

Decide on what makes you happy. Dalam masa 10 tahun dari sekarang, will you see yourself a happy person at where you are now? All the best. Love is all that matters.. Hehe. Tiba-tiba. =)

Dev Clarehova said...

Believe in yourself, you might find a job that really suits you..Just do what you think is good for you and tell your family the reason.I am sure they will understand.

chegu carol said...

nope, not easy to make decision especially when it affects more than half of your living.

ruth, if you have decided this is best for you, that it will make u feel happy, and that you will be able to face other difficulties that may come against your decision..i say go for it.

but if u havent, perhaps it is best to deal/discuss with the people who will be against your decision (your family). i know this is your life, but part of your life is your family as well so yeah...they need to be well acknowledged about your decision.

whatever your decision is ruth, i wish you the best.