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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shopping is Therapy!

I love shopping. Love it to the max. Ah, don't tell me u girls don't shop? ;P

I'm a shoe lover. Heels. I cannot tahan when I'm in C&K or Vincci or Ninewest store.
My heels are mostly from there. Geezz. Apalagi kalau time SALE. Hehe.
It's a must to buy 1shoes per month, unless I'm outta budget or I don't love the design. Alasan.
I do online shopping too. Bought my dresses from MyClosset once in two months. I find it more cheaper. Sometimes, the outcome doesn't look like the one I saw in the photo, but at least I get to wear it. Right? Ah, feels like shopping now ;P
But, sometimes when I suddenly feels like shopping while having my lunch time or when I get stressed out, I went to this one shop in town where I can get super cute dresses with a discount.
Yes. Even when they don't display any SALE sign. All I need to do is just ask. Haha. Tidak tau malu kan.

Well, not just that. I feel great when I buy something. Foods. Makeups. Bras. Underwear.
It's surely a really great therapy for me. Me. The loneliest people on earth(NOT).

Do you think so?


maslight said...

Yes shopping is therapy. I tend to on9 shop every now and then. I think just because I dun like how clothes are displayed at shops sometimes. You can see clothes hanged on hangers all stacked up together till no space. Gerigitan jua kadang kadang.

GeTzzz.... said...

-Wow! Who doesnt love shopping..It's like shop till i drop! :)

-I had my shopping spree in such a long time as im so indebt with other commitments:p

-As the elder one, i have to spare my $$ for family:) Well, thats an obligation to me.

-envy of hearing you get to shop:) Hope we cud it sumtime sumwere:)

-who knows kan?? hehhehehe... Happy hols, mandak!! Happy advent too.

-I mau join lah with u pigi kedai yang ada diskaun witot notice heheheh..


chegu carol said...

Yes, it was kind of therapy when i do have the money to buy them. Tapi bila ada kurang sikit, even tho sa puas hati bila beli...tapi pndai regret tu bila found out poket sudah kering hehehe

Sa suka pi C&K tapi selalu ended up not buying bcos their shoes kan dunno why, tidak comfy ni utk sa...ada saja yg mcm tida ngam. To date, ada 2 C&K shoes sa yg sa beli...baru 1-2 kali ja pakai sebab cepat sakit kaki bila pakai...

mArMaLaDe said...

Massy: yah! worst, when the promoter keep on following time kita mau meninguk kan..bikin malas

Get: aha..same here, but since i dont have any other things to do in tawau, shopping saja la..
oh btw, u know where affin bank ka? same block tu, 'Sweetie' nama tu kedai..if u ask the harga, dont forget to ask if there's any less ;P

CheguC: that regret part, saya setuju! haha..tapi puas hati ba kan ;P
C&K punya design, wlupun 3inch mmg sakit kaki, but i think it suits me well ;)