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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I miss u guys

I'm alone. Super bored.
And only God knows how bored I am.
No transport, no nothing.
Belum gaji jadi control sikit penggunaan duit.
Tak boleh boros.
Baik duduk diam di rumah, masak sendiri.
Boring, but I still can save some $.
Right? :)

I was at home the whole day.
Seriously. Only go out to pasar to buy some foods.
The pasar dekat saja, jalan kaki 5minit if nda lenggang kangkung.
The TV and the lappy has been a very boring things.
Well, for today.

Wish i was in KK.
Can do lotsa things in 3days.
But since i'm outta budget, i'll be just fine here.
Nvm, i'm going back to KK end of this month juga.

And i'm missing everyone!
My family, my fiance.
My friends,
All of u.

*crying inside*

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Nina Manson said...

I miss you too!