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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday To You

"Hari ini, hari yang kau tunggu. Bertambah satu tahun usia mu, bahagialah kamu."

Happy birthday Ruth ;D

I'm telling the world that today is my birthday.

Thank you Lord for the life you'd gave me.
Thanks Mom and Dad.
Thanks La Familia.

It has been 24years.
I'm glad coz I'm still alive.
I can say, at the aged of 24, I've achieved 35% of my dreams.
A good career, checked.
A good husband, soon.
A great family, soon.
Happily ever after life, soon.
God's willing, I'm gonna achieve all soon.

Dear God, I don't want anything else.
I just want Your blessings.
For me to achieve my dreams.
For me to build up my career and my family.
For a better life.

It's my 2nd year celebrating birthday without Familia and Fiance.
No birthday cake.
No birthday cheers.
No you.

Well, nevermind.
As long as they remember me.
As long as I'm happy.
As long as they're happy.

Happy 24th Birthday Ruth.

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