Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, September 7, 2007


do u really believe in GHOST? i do believe..but i haven't seen the real ghost yet..rrrrr..i hope that i will never see the 'ghost'!coz i'm the very penakut lah...today in our office kan, suddenly dorang story-story about the office..ada hantu konon..even our boss said, the way to the manager room was haunted..not really haunted lah, but ada something lah there..these ghost story started after the typewriter suddenly berbunyi..


sound like that lah..haha..i've also heard it few times...coz sometimes i sit near the typewriter..
*trainee kan, thats y lah always jalan2 to others table*
back to my story..
the lorong to the airport manager punya room..my boss a.k.a finance executive tell us she smelt something like a flower fragrance..but who knows kan..em...right now i feel like i wanna go to toilet, but..i'm too afraid bah...hahaha...y?u know y...
*go to toilet td*
hahahaha....funny when i know that im not the only one who scared to go to toilet alone!!haha...the ghost story really affected us!haha...kalau suda perempuan,perempuan juga...haha..
i don't minta2 lah jumpa hantu...<palis2..
my brother also have seen these hantu pocong..he saw it at the school near our house..tau2 lah kalau budak jajal, they always ukur kampung sampai malam..haha...but the school memang gitu bah...very scary..ok lah, i'll continue my ghost story next time..wanna go home...daaaaaa

ps:i was too scared to watch the ghost pict, so i don't wanna upload them

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